BMB Gets a Face Lift

I've finally recovered enough from Comic-Con to do the site update for BlackMarketBeagles.com I've been putting off. I hope you all like it!

I've also put the limited edition Serenity Now/Equality Now poster up for sale on the site. We sold a bunch of these at Comic-Con.

And speaking of Comic-Con, I ran into Joss at the Browncoat booth, and before I had a chance to introduce myself, he saw the Miranda poster and said, "I LOVE that!" You can just imaging how ecstatic I was! Apparently he had seen it before, and he bought several. I think I'm still a little light headed. :)

Oh, and we've also started a contest! If you send us a picture of yourself in front of a recognizeable location, wearing something from Black Market Beagles, we'll send you a free button (maybe more if we think the place is really cool or unusual)!
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I know it's totally last-minute, but I just came up with a Comic-Con-themed browncoat shirt design, and I've posted it on BlackMarketBeagles.com. Here's a peek:

There should be just enough time to get one before the con, or, alternatively, you can have CafePress ship it to your hotel.
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A Whole Bunch of New Stuff!

Ok, so my muse went on vacation again, but I finally got back into the groove and got two new Little Damn Heroes done! I finished Simon, completing the set, and did a new Mal to answer the requests of all the guys who've been asking for a non-naked version. :) You can see all the LDHs at www.blackmarketbeagles.com.

Here's a banner and an LJ icon I created for each design. As always, please don't modify them, but feel free to take them.

Also, I created desktop wallpapers based on the Little Damn Heroes.

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Eight Down, One to Go!

The second to last Little Damn Hero is done!

I've been struggling with how to do Inara for a while now, but my muse finally decided to come back and lend a hand. You can see her and the rest of the LDHs at BlackMarketBeagles.com.

Here's a banner and an LJ icon I created from the design. As always, please don't modify them, but feel free to take them. Enjoy!

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Seven down, two to go

The seventh Little Damn Hero is now available at BlackMarketBeagles.com. It's Shepherd Book, with the quote, "Seems Like Everyone's Got a Tale To Tell." Ok, so I know that's Mal's quote, but it was about Book, so I figure it's valid. Hell, I'd probably have used it even if it wasn't about Book, since it's so fitting for him.

I've also made a banner and an LJ icon to go with it. Feel free to use them as you see fit, just please don't modify them.