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Black Market Beagles
20th-Feb-2007 11:01 pm - Gender & Genre Panel at WonderCon
Gender & Genre Flyer

Going to WonderCon? We need your help!

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14th-Aug-2006 09:40 pm - Blogging
Black Market Beagles
Howdy, all!

Now that I've got the blog working on BlackMarketBeagles.com, I'm updating there rather than here. If you still want to stay up-to-date here on LJ, I've added the RSS feed here: bkmktbeagleblog

Hope to see you at the new blog!
2nd-Aug-2006 07:42 am - Who's the Boss?
Black Market Beagles
I had this nagging feeling that the Little Damn Hero line wasn't quite complete. I've remedied that now. I present to you the one, the only, the truly incomparable ...

Little Damn Hero Joss

Also, I've finally got the blog working. It's right on the front page, so please take a moment to check it out!
30th-Jul-2006 01:22 am - Isn't That Special
Black Market Beagles
I've had this one in my head for a while, but never got around to doing it. Now you, too, can belong to the YoSaffBridge Husbands Club! Isn't that special?

27th-Jul-2006 12:18 am - BMB Gets a Face Lift
I've finally recovered enough from Comic-Con to do the site update for BlackMarketBeagles.com I've been putting off. I hope you all like it!

I've also put the limited edition Serenity Now/Equality Now poster up for sale on the site. We sold a bunch of these at Comic-Con.

And speaking of Comic-Con, I ran into Joss at the Browncoat booth, and before I had a chance to introduce myself, he saw the Miranda poster and said, "I LOVE that!" You can just imaging how ecstatic I was! Apparently he had seen it before, and he bought several. I think I'm still a little light headed. :)

Oh, and we've also started a contest! If you send us a picture of yourself in front of a recognizeable location, wearing something from Black Market Beagles, we'll send you a free button (maybe more if we think the place is really cool or unusual)!
12th-Jul-2006 10:10 pm(no subject)
Black Market Beagles
I know it's totally last-minute, but I just came up with a Comic-Con-themed browncoat shirt design, and I've posted it on BlackMarketBeagles.com. Here's a peek:

There should be just enough time to get one before the con, or, alternatively, you can have CafePress ship it to your hotel.
11th-Jun-2006 09:41 pm - A Whole Bunch of New Stuff!
Black Market Beagles
Ok, so my muse went on vacation again, but I finally got back into the groove and got two new Little Damn Heroes done! I finished Simon, completing the set, and did a new Mal to answer the requests of all the guys who've been asking for a non-naked version. :) You can see all the LDHs at www.blackmarketbeagles.com.

Here's a banner and an LJ icon I created for each design. As always, please don't modify them, but feel free to take them.

Also, I created desktop wallpapers based on the Little Damn Heroes.

Here's a sample.Collapse )

27th-Apr-2006 09:34 am - Eight Down, One to Go!
Black Market Beagles
The second to last Little Damn Hero is done!

I've been struggling with how to do Inara for a while now, but my muse finally decided to come back and lend a hand. You can see her and the rest of the LDHs at BlackMarketBeagles.com.

Here's a banner and an LJ icon I created from the design. As always, please don't modify them, but feel free to take them. Enjoy!

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5th-Apr-2006 08:57 pm - Seven down, two to go
The seventh Little Damn Hero is now available at BlackMarketBeagles.com. It's Shepherd Book, with the quote, "Seems Like Everyone's Got a Tale To Tell." Ok, so I know that's Mal's quote, but it was about Book, so I figure it's valid. Hell, I'd probably have used it even if it wasn't about Book, since it's so fitting for him.

I've also made a banner and an LJ icon to go with it. Feel free to use them as you see fit, just please don't modify them.

22nd-Mar-2006 08:48 am - She Can Hurt You.


The newest Little Damn Hero is here! Don't mess with Wash's baby ... Zoe can hurt you! Check it out at http://www.cafepress.com/blkmktbeagles/1301006

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