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Black Market Beagles
A Whole Bunch of New Stuff! 
11th-Jun-2006 09:41 pm
Black Market Beagles
Ok, so my muse went on vacation again, but I finally got back into the groove and got two new Little Damn Heroes done! I finished Simon, completing the set, and did a new Mal to answer the requests of all the guys who've been asking for a non-naked version. :) You can see all the LDHs at www.blackmarketbeagles.com.

Here's a banner and an LJ icon I created for each design. As always, please don't modify them, but feel free to take them.

Also, I created desktop wallpapers based on the Little Damn Heroes.

Visit the site for the complete collection!

13th-Jun-2006 12:39 am (UTC)
Thanks for sharing. These are great. I won't have to worry about wallpaper for months.
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